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We specialize in wide varieties of single-origin coffee beans sourced from Africa, Central & South America and Asia. We have some amazing and unique flavors with high-quality taste for your morning coffee perk or iced coffee.

Our selection of coffees have earned high ratings evaluated using 100-point scale. Our Ethiopian coffee selection is among the top ranging from 92 to 96 regarded by many as one of the world’s finest. The Rwandan, Kenyan and Tanzanian Peaberry are high quality coffees grown in the highlands with exceptional floral, spicy, invigorating wine notes.

The central and South American selection are regional specialties also rated highly. The Colombian Supremo is a a medium body, cocoa, with soft cranberry and cherry finish. The Colombian Women owned farms from San Rafael village, Cauca, has an amazing milk chocolate covered cherry finish. The Brazilian espresso brings an exceptional value to espresso lovers.

Our Holiday Blend AKA 'Zanzibar' delivers a delicious wide assortment of flavors of fruit and spicy blends perfect for a morning kick start.

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